from pledge to progresscorporate america one year after george floyd’s death

In From Pledge to Progress, Seramount tracks both changes in employee perceptions and new actions by companies since the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 and the start of a renewed national reckoning on systemic racism. This critical research will examine how corporate America has succeeded in addressing racism in the workplace and what they need to do next. We look to understand gaps between what leaders have pledged and what employees experience in their day to day and propose actionable solutions to close this gap.

“We know that this continues to be a difficult journey for America’s corporations, but we must have the courage to look the facts squarely in the face,” Subha V. Barry, CEO of Seramount. “The good news is that a large majority of employees are ready, here and now, to help counter racism in their workplaces, but the support of leadership remains critical. One year after the murder of George Floyd and a renewed national reckoning on race, we can see where the progress exists, and can actually address what problems remain, opening up the path to real, lasting change.”

From Pledge to Progress

Key Findings


Seramount conducted a survey of 2,431 college-educated professionals at companies with at least 5,000 US employees about their perceptions of racism in the workplace and their organization’s support for anti-racism efforts. The survey was nationally weighted for race/ethnicity and gender.