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SERAMOUNT, formerly known as Working Mother Media, is a strategic professional services firm dedicated to advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace.

For four decades, our qualitative and quantitative metrics on the employee experience have empowered clients to realize the business benefits of an inclusive workplace. We advise organizations with actionable insights, data-powered solutions, and inspiring events that provide a guide to setting new culture standards in an ever-changing landscape.

DE&I is Experiencing Unprecedented, Sustainable Growth

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of CEOs said they will be investing more in initiatives to help improve DE&I1
0 %
of CEOs surveyed by Forbes & Deloitte assert that DE&I has become a strategic priority
0 %
Growth in Chief Diversity Officer hires in 2020, according to LinkedIn
$ 0 Billion
Total amount spend on Diversity Training in the United States2
0 %
Increased likelihood of achieving above-average profitability if DE&I strategies are in place3
0 %
Less turnover achieved by companies that incorporate DE&I into the workplace experience4
Sources: (1) Forbes & Deloitte (2 & 3 & 4) Mckinsey Notes: $8 billion total annual spend on diversity training is from 2017

The talent landscape is experiencing a monumental shift


More than 10 mm adults identify as LGBTQ (58% are of millennial generation).

Talent shortfall

In the next 3-10 years they are predicting a 23 million talent shortfall of workers in the US.

Skills demand & supply

Demand for skilled workers is outpacing supply; its predicted 60% of the future job skill sets needed are held by 20% of the current workforce.

Workers with disabilities

Approximately 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide.

Generational diversity

HR leaders are under pressure to determine how to engage a workforce composed of multiple generations, each with their own defining characteristics and life experiences.


By 2025, millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce. Approximately 43% of millennials come from a diverse ethnic background; 38% are bilingual.

Aging population

From 2015 to 2030, the population under age 18 will grow by just 5%, while the population age 65 and over is projected to grow by 55%.

Racial diversity

By 2060, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics will grow by 128%, 100% and 115% respectively. (Hispanics accounted for 70% of US workforce growth in first half of the decade.)

Our Story

Over the past four decades we’ve built deep data-powered intelligence on the employee experience, which empowers our clients to realize the business benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Seramount is the only provider of integrated DE&I platform services in the market

No matter where organizations are on their DE&I journey, Seramount's wide-ranging programs can be combined to meet each client’s unique needs.


Consulting, Learning and Corporate Memberships through Diversity Best Practices (DBP) serve a broad array of blue-chip clients across 50 industries.


More than 20 impactful live and virtual DE&I-focused events engage key stakeholders to build DE&I capabilities and recognize best practices.


Creates highly respected thought leadership, including the Best Companies lists, sought-after research reports and benchmarking.


Includes logo licensing, Employer of Choice recognition packages for corporate clients, content syndication and remnant advertising partnerships.

An Expert Partner for Addressing Critical Talent Needs


Partnering with organizations to develop sustainable, effective and impactful DE&I plans for growth

  • Culture Assessment and Diagnostics
  • Metrics and Benchmarking
  • DE&I Strategy
  • Trends, Global Diversity


Providing successful talent strategies to attract, acquire, develop, advance and retain diverse talent

  • Employee Insights
  • Leadership and Middle Management Engagement
  • ERG Development, Effectiveness and Capability Building
  • Leadership Capability Building
  • Women and Women of Color Advancement


Helping companies grow by effectively assessing and enhancing HR and DE&I across the ecosystem

  • DE&I Governance and Structure
  • Supplier Diversity
  • DE&I HR Talent Strategies and Best Practices
  • Sponsorship and Relationship Capital

Seramount Is Recognized As The Definitive Voice in DE&I

Seramount’s “Best 100 Companies” program and its highly respected industry research reports, have established Seramount  as the undisputed thought leader in the DE&I marketplace.


Custom and on-demand research supports and informs your organization’s strategy and actions

Pioneering Management Team & Rich Company Heritage

Founded in 1979, Seramount, formerly Working Mother Media, has been the market pioneer and first mover on DE&I. Since its formation, the Company has established deep credibility in the field of women’s advancement and workplace programs. Today, the company is a driving force for DE&I, helping companies create strategies and solutions that translate into real business impact. Seramount has a value-driven, women-led, cross-generational leadership team with more than 100 years of collective industry experience.

Transformation from Multiple Brands to Seramount



Membership, Consulting & Learning


Conferences & Meetings


Benchmarking & Research


Licensing & Media


Website, Events, Benchmarking, Magazine
Membership, Events
Research, Surveys, Benchmarking
Membership, D&I Advisory, Benchmarking, Events
DE&I, Consulting, Culture Audits

Company Evolution to Pure-Play, DE&I Specialist

Seramount established an enduring legacy of supporting and advancing women over the decades. Seramount’s vision, breadth and depth grew to be much broader as the Company’s thought leadership and expertise expanded to meet the changing marketplace. The Seramount rebrand reflects the culmination of this new mission.

Trusted by over 450 clients

Client testimonials

“…class of its own…a must have partner and I can’t recommend membership enough”
“…they are going to get me out of my group-think and help me think more broadly…”
“…latest information to inform our direction and decisions. We couldn’t ask for better partners
“…the team is always super-responsive when I reach out… The first corporate partner I reached out to…once my budget was approved!”
“I feel completely valued as a member…”
“Partnering with [DBP] has been a game changer.”
“The breadth and depth of their next practices have helped us evolve our strategies and create an even bigger impact.”
An outstanding partner in the journey to create a truly diverse and inclusive organization.”
“If you want to align your efforts with business priorities…have your ERG leaders attend the EmERGe Leadership Summit.”

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